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Why do you ride?

Sometimes we often forget why we got into riding in the first place. For people that have been doing for years on out, when you ask them why they ride, they’ll give you a varied response with statements that include, freedom, exciting, exhilarating and more importantly, fun. I caught up with a few men who have a mix of riding experience that shared why they ride.
Chris C. of Placentia Ca.
“I just accelerated on my Ducati like a ball shot out of a cannon…felt the centrifugal force as I squeezed my knees tight all while pushing out on that handle into a heart pounding tilt, twisting the throttle deeper into a perfect exit…drove past a Masserati who noticed MY vehicle first and smiled all while giving me the thumbs up…gave the “right on” sign five times to other riders, including the Harley’s, the R1, the Ninja and yes, the Triumph too…eventually hitting the gas station and refilling the tank. $12.37 total the pump says I owe for the week. Sick !!!”

Art A. of Costa Mesa, Ca.
“Motorcycles has been the better part of my life ever since I have been 4 or 5. My family would go camping everywhere in California and Baja. What would be a part of these trips would be some offroad vehicle of some kind, but for sure there would always be a motorcycle, so you could say I grew up around them.

My fondest memories are going for a ride with my dad, being put on the tank of his Kawasaki 350 Bighorn and shooting across the desert or mountains. Riding Honda Z50 trail bikes, then Honda XR75, but by far the fondest memory I have is that one Christmas Eve night when our family returned home from my grandparents house after opening presents and being with family. I was getting ready for bed and I didn’t notice that my dad had disappeared, I heard him call out for me and I went to the living room where I had heard him I called out to tell him I was on my way I hear him say “Santa left something here at the side door for you!” When I came into the living room my jaw dropped to the floor in a way that I will never forget and my mom and dad saw this in me. There in the living room was a motorcycle. A BRAND NEW shinny KAWASAKI KD100 with a tag on it that read “TO: Artie FROM: Santa “You were a very good boy this year, have fun.”

This was the most unbelievable this to ever happen to me. I was so excited that I pushed that bike right outside looked at my dad and mom, dad nodded ( he knew what I wanted to do, just like the seen out of The Christmas Story), came over and was showing me how to start it, let it warm up, then with me looking back he tells me with his hands “Go, go”, off I go up and down the block like at 2am in the morning, with mom kind of freaking out Its to late to do this.

Why do I ride motorcycles, well because it brings a family together with adventures no matter how big or small, also with Santa giving me my first motorcycle (that’s right, I still believe) I had my first sense of freedom that allowed me to venture off away from my parents when we went on camping trips. It was freedom.”

Eric Y. of Laguna Niguel, Ca.
“Lane splitting!
Going fast!
Man, machine, road, connection!

Randy P. of Yuma, Az.
“2008 Yamaha R6 I love taking the bike out for a spin, whether it’s a short ride around the block or a trip out to town. I love the speed and the thrill of riding a motorcycle. Its definitely a lot more exciting compared to driving a car. I use it to commute to work and it’s cheaper on gas.”

What ever your reason for riding, whether it’s because Santa gave you your first bike or you use it to commute with, always remember why you do it, that way you never lose the passion for motorcycles, no matter where you are in life, young, old, unemployed or the CEO, keep riding.

Lane Splitting in California

Correct me if I’m wrong, but California is one of the few, if not the only state that allows lane splitting. If you’re not familiar on what this means, “The term lane splitting, sometimes known as lane sharing, filtering or white-lining, refers to the process of a motorcyclist riding between lanes of stopped or slower moving traffic or moving between lanes to the front of traffic stopped at a traffic light.”

If you scour the Internet on the keywords of Lane Splitting, you’ll find over 3,800,000 results and if you start going through some of those, you’ll find people are…split (pun totally intended) down the middle when it comes to the subject. Some are for it while others say it’s not worth it. However, there are some folks who don’t choose to do it at all just because their motorcycle is pretty wide and don’t want to chance ruining their ride or get into an accident.

Personally I lane split, but only when I feel it’s appropriate and safe. There’s an old saying, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. This surely applies to lane splitting.
lane splitting pro-one mfg
The California Highway Patrol has published the Four R’s of Lane Splitting. If you follow them, it should keep you and others around you safe as you execute the move.

Be Reasonable, be Responsible, be Respectful, be aware of all Roadway and traffic conditions.

– Be Reasonable means not more than 10 MPH faster than traffic flow and not over 39 MPH.

– Be Responsible for your own safety and decisions.

Don’t put yourself in dangerous positions.
If you can’t fit, don’t split.

– Be Respectful — sharing the road goes both ways.

Don’t rely on loud pipes to keep you safe, loud pipes often startle people and poison the attitude of car drivers toward motorcyclists.
Other vehicles are not required to make space for motorcycles to lane split.

– Be aware Roadways and traffic can be hazardous.

uneven pavement
wide trucks
distracted drivers
weather conditions

Spring has Sprung and it’s time to hit the road.

Spring is the official start of the riding season. But before you fire up your motorcycle, you may want to consider giving it some TLC and possibly make some changes to it.


The changes I’m talking about would be billet motorcycle parts for your Harley Davidson. From grips, foot pegs, lights to shift linkages, all these pieces add that “custom” look to any bike. What’s great about the Pro-One Mfg Billet parts is they all come with installation instructions and no job is too hard for anyone to install on their own.


This product is something we don’t carry at Pro-One Mfg. But it’s something that I’ve seen on many bikes. Some call them biker bells, or Guardian Bells.
guardian bell
Here’s description of what these bells are for…

Legend claims Evil Road Spirits have latched themselves to motorcycles for as long as there have been bikes on the road. These Evil Road Spirits are responsible for mechanical problems and bad luck along a journey. The legends goes on to say that by attaching a small bell onto your bike, the Evil Road Spirits will become trapped inside the bell where the constant ringing drives them insane, making them lose their grip until they fall to the ground. (Ever wonder where potholes come from?)

Hey man, I don’t know about you. but if I can avoid any “demons” that might try and attack me during my ride, I’m all for it!

The best part about owning a motorcycle…customizing it!

Sure the freedom, wind in your face and speed are some things to consider the “best part” about owning a motorcycle. But if you ask enough gear heads out there, then they’ll tell you that customizing their ride to exactly what they want, tops the charts. Personally I’m in the process of customizing my vintage Honda into a cafe racer and I’m going through the steps of getting it done just the way I want it.

One of the perks about Pro-One Mfg is that we carry all sorts of billet accessories to help you customize your motorcycle just the way you want. We have parts that have radical designs such as blade brake levers and traditional looks such as round mirrors.

Typically, when you’re working on your motorcycle, you’re usually doing all the work. But if you need help, you can easily invite some of your buddies to help you with the job you need to get done and I guarantee you’ll get them to come over if you promise you’ll have beer for them. Just check out this picture…bikes and beer. Can’t go wrong with that!
bikes and beer

But I digress. Let’s talk about how your bike would look great when you customize it. Take this Heritage Softail. Notice all the OEM parts on it. Ya it’s nice, it does the job…
heritage softail
Now check out this Heritage Softail with custom LED taillight, mirrors and dash,floor boards and shifter by Pro-One.
pro-one heritage parts
I hope you’re starting to get what I’m saying here. Basically, you got a bike because it separates you from everyone else you may know. Why not customize it with Pro-One parts to show your individuality.

Busa Blade Levers

The Hayabusa made it as the #1 Most Amazing Motorcycles of All Time. Don’t believe me? Check this video below.

Did you know that Pro-One offers a Chrome Billet Blade Lever Set that fits the ’99-2010 Suzuki Hayabusa 1300R for only $139.95 and this item qualifies for free shipping
pro one hayabusa lever

We’ve got Metric Cruiser Parts and Accessories

Typically when people think of Pro-One Mfg, they think, Harley Davidson parts. But when they find out that Pro-One Mfg makes various parts/accessories for Metric Cruisers, they’re genuinely surprised. Customers love the Pro-One Mfg quality and craftsmanship in the parts we make. Often times we get compliments that the products we make have the same or greater quality than those of OEM parts.

With the knowledge and experience Pro-One Mfg has in making parts and accessories for Harley Davidson, we’ve delved into the world of Metric Cruisers. We make parts for Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki. These Pro-One Mfg metric cruiser parts range from grips, levers, mirrors, and many more.

A perfect example of a beautiful metric cruiser.
pro-one mfg metric cruiser

Need an adventure?

After watching the movie “One Week.” I was inspired to head out for an adventure.

So what some of my motorcycle buddies have decided is, to go on a short road trip with our bikes and do some camping. We’ve already picked our routes, got some of our gear ready and in the next few weeks, we’re heading out! Don’t get me wrong this won’t be anything like Wild Hogs, but we’re considering it our little adventure.

Happy Valentine’s Day

If you didn’t already know, it’s Valentine’s Day. We sure hope that you got your significant other something special! If you’re one of those guys that forgot. Here’s some things to avoid.

1. Cooking and other kitchen related gifts. These types of gifts will guarantee that you’ll be sleeping on the couch! No woman wants to be given a gift that they’ll use to make you a meal.

2. A gym membership. You basically called her FAT. Yup, that’s what this gift means.
3. Exercise equipment. See above.

4. Gift Cards. Well with this gift it’s like a double edged sword, or like that saying, you’re dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t. This gift could be a hit because they can pick what they want to do with that money. Or it should really expose how lazy you are for not planning ahead. Dammed if you do…

5. Generic and cheap gifts. If you’re going to get a box of chocolates don’t get it at the grocery store or the gas station. If you’re going to get her flowers, don’t buy it from the guy that is at the off-ramp that sells a bouquet for $5.00. Besides, what if your lady isn’t into roses? The problem with chocolates it’s just like #3, you’re dammed if you do. Why? Well, she may complain that it’s going to make her fat. With that in mind, you might as well get her #2…since you inadvertently called her fat with the box, she might as well work it all off at the gym, right?

Now there are rarities where the significant other is really into motorcycles. You can’t go wrong with apparel, just make sure you get her the correct size. Or you could always treat her bike with some Pro-One Mfg parts. If you do that, it will reminder her every time she rides, that you got her that part for Valentine’s Day.

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